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Commissioner for Children’s Rights

Commissioner for Children’s Rights - Cyprus

More specifically, the Commissioner has competence and responsibility, inter alia,:

· to represent children and their interests at all levels
· to promote public awareness and sensitivity so that the society will be mobilized and safeguard in practice children’s rights in the family, the school, the community where they live and the society in general.
· to have contacts with the children of Cyprus in order to identify and promote their views where they themselves cannot be heard.
· to supervise and monitor the implementation of the provisions of the UN Convention and of other Conventions
· to follow up and monitor the legislation and practices in Cyprus concerning children and to submit proposals aiming at their harmonization with the Convention.
· to carry out public awareness and change of attitude campaigns with regard to the situation of children in our society
· to conduct studies on the situation of children in Cyprus
· to make recommendations and proposals to all competent bodies engaged with children so as to promote the interests of children and to give publicity to them whenever she deems it appropriate
· to organise seminars and educational programs relevant to children’s rights.
· to represent children and their interests in procedures affecting them and to be appointed by the court as their representative
· in general, to take any action as she may deem necessary for the protection and promotion of the rights and interests of the children of Cyprus.

For carrying out her competences the Commissioner

  • meets and talks with children in schools, child care institutions, youth centres, etc.
  • Gives information on the rights of the child though her webpage, publications, seminars, etc.
  • Gives interviews and participates in media programmes
  • Cooperates with public bodies, NGOs, international bodies engaged with the protection and promotion of the rights of the child or providing services to children.
  • Follows the course of the investigation of complains by other authorities and evaluates their outcome concerning violations of children’s rights
  • Cooperates with equivalent bodies and authorities of other states with regard to issues relating to the exercise of her competences

The Commissioner studies individual complaints with the aim of evaluating the existing legislation, policies, procedures and practices and deciding whether these violate the rights of the child. In such cases she proceeds with an intervention where she deems appropriate.

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