Our Office in Cyprus, on the anniversary of the Convention on children's rights, on 20th November 2021, created a video to inform and sensitize people on the 4 Principles of the Convention.

The action took place at the underwater Museum MUSAN. With images and symbols 4 divers, dived and depicted the 4 Principles. They dived and brought up on the surface the immediate mandate to secure children’s rights, in their full scope: deep and rich as the vast sea.

The video was shown on this special day, on big screens in the main city centers of the country. A leaflet with a QR code linked to the video was given to clients of commercial centers, restaurants, cafeterias and bakeries in different cities of Cyprus.

The second main action of our Office is the Child Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) that we carried out on the measures adopted during the pandemic in Cyprus.

The CRIA was compiled, as you know, in collaboration with the ENOC and UNICEF. The assessment was published in an edition in Greek and in English language.

Its key findings and recommendations emanate from children and professionals working with children. Further data was obtained from various organisations working with or providing services for children.

Beyond documenting in detail the impact of the measures, the research gave voice to the intense feeling, on the part of both children and professionals, that the measures did not take into consideration children’s needs.

The publication was presented at a Press Conference in Nicosia on 12th April 2022 and was attended by representatives of the government, the President of the Cyprus Parliament and members of the Parliament. The highlight of the day was the participation in the panel of a child member of the Commissioner's Young Advisors, who presented her own views, particularly on the need for children's participation in decision-making processes.

The CRIA was disseminated to all Authorities in Cyprus, NGO’s, as well as to organizations at European and international level.

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